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Health and safety in the work place (level 2)

The health and safety in the work place (level 2) is for all staff in any sector or industry and is designed to give them a basic understanding of the health and safety responsibilities of the employer and also their responsibilities.

This course is run by highly qualified trainers who have been involved within the health and safety process for many years. The training staff will make the course enjoyable and direct the course in a professional and educational way.

  • Topics which will be covered are
  • ♦ The Legislation related to Health and Safety
  • ♦ Health
  • ♦ Safety
  • ♦ Control of bleeding
  • ♦ Welfare
  • ♦ The workplace and workplace equipment
  • ♦ Welfare
  • ♦ Risk Assessment
  • ♦ Manual handling
  • ♦ Hazardous substances
  • ♦ Ergonomics and workstation design
  • ♦ Transport and vehicles
  • ♦ Noise and vibration
Assessment and certification

Individuals will undertake a formal assessment at the end of the course and after a successful completion will obtain a certificate which will be valid for 3 years.

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